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If you are a decision maker in a business of $1m+ (R15m)+ OR have a team of 20 members+ then you probably want to improve your profitability (especially in tough times)

  • by making sure your strategy is more robust than your competitors
  • by making sure your teams can consistently out-peform their previous performance (and pull way ahead of your competitors)
  • by turning some of those great ideas into something you can actually sell to customers.

That means, you’re in the right place. Because our business wants your business to succeed. Because if your business succeeds, the country succeeds and we will live on a more prosperous planet.

How do we do this?

We facilitate meetings with your board and senior managers to help determine the best future for your business or department.

We also specialise in the development of culture — because (as Drucker famously said), Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast. Culture comes from the leadership of the organisation. We have lots of experience training leaders to help employees engage more with their work.

Finally Innovation. Companies can’t be innovative; only people can be innovative. But company culture can kill innovation before it even starts.

First Strategy — so that we can co-create the ideal future.

Then Leadership — so that we can enable the culture to move towards the future.

Finally Innovation — because innovation can only flourish in a culture that allows it.

That’s Stratervation.

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