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Are you the “lemon” in your “lemonade?”

This is not a new or groundbreaking idea, any more than fire is a revolutionary idea, or cheese on pizza.

Still it’s a good idea, like fire, or cheese on pizza.

One of the things that sets your business apart from your competitors is Scale. The most successful businesses are the ones that have it; less successful businesses, not so much.

I remember working with an events company once, run by the two founders. They articulated it perfectly: “we’re the lemon in the lemonade,” they said.

Take out the founders, and all you’ve got is fizzy water. Put the founders back in, and voilà! Lemonade!

It’s a thorny problem, and one that you absolutely need to solve, if you want to see the kind of explosive growth you desire.

For more, watch our video, shot at our recent seminar:

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