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Unless you’re a fresh start-up in the first two years of business, chances are you are in a comfort zone.

The comfort zone is working. You’re making money. Maybe you could be making more, but…

I’ll tell you a secret.

You’re old enough to remember not so long ago, when everybody’s next cellphone was another Nokia. Nokia had more than 70% of the cellphone market. That wasn’t even ten years ago, and as a consumer brand, they’re gone.


Everybody wants to do innovation better. Every year, every month that goes by, there’s another clever person with ingenuity and passion and one day they will come for your lunch.

We usually just ignore it, and figure it will be OK.

So every month that goes by, innovation becomes more urgent.

But where do you start?


Where do you even start?

You may know this but there are at least 10 different kinds of innovation.

Most people focus on two or three kinds. They focus on new products, maybe, or new markets. Or they focus on cost cutting. That’s three out of 10 kinds of innovation.

That’s what Nokia did. They were making money like crazy, but they missed the two key ways that Apple was about to upset the applecart. A year later, they were gone.

Already that’s helping, isn’t it?

Tell you what. Would it help if there was, say, a one day workshop?

Well you might say it wouldn’t really help because the one-day workshop would be all theoretical.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if it was really practical? What if it looked at your products in your industry. What if it looked at your specific market and your competitors?

That’s where we would start.

We’ll come and talk to you, so some pre-work with you, learn about your industry and what you’re up against.

Then you bring some senior leaders into a room for a day. Between 12 and 20 people, say.

Then we’ll dream a little. Remember what that was like, back at the beginning?

We’ll get everybody to dream a little, but we’ll do it in a very structured way.

We don’t need a room full of “creative types.” We need the business people. The people who face the customers every day. In fact, bring some customers!They’d love to be part of it!

Bring some people who look at the numbers and set the targets.

Then let’s look at those ten kinds of innovation. Let’s see if we can quantify some short, medium and long-term plans to make a serious dent in your industry — make a serious contribution to the world.

The day goes like this:

Bring some senior leaders and some customers into a room.

1. Look at the market and the competitors and the big picture

2. Look at the 10 types of innovation

3. Generate ideas. We aim to generate between 500 and 1,500 ideas. (It sounds like a lot, but if you’ve got 20 people in the room, that’s only 50 ideas per person. In our experience this is a conservative number.)

4. Sort and rank the ideas. Refine them. Get the most promising ones.

5. Work on five to eight prototypes. We’ll use duct tape and markers and pens and Paper to do rapid prototyping. Quick and dirty. We’ll take one or two steps on each of those ideas to see what the future might hold.

6. Then we look at your teams internally. Who can take these ideas further? What resistance will you face? What kind of budget do you want to set for these projects? Are they even possible? And if they are, will the pain of executing pay off in the long run? And what are the internal roadblocks that will prevent you from making progress?

7. We end the day with a concrete project plan of what will happen next.

Now here’s an interesting twist. Maybe the innovation workshop would tell you you’re doing everything fine. That you’ve already anticipated the trends; that your product pipeline is already anticipating the market.

Maybe you will find out that there are 15 kinds of innovation, not ten, and you’re doing all of them.

Maybe you’ll find you’re at the top of your game.

But, what if you don’t?

Here’s a chance to get 15-20 people in the same room, thinking the same way, really interrogating the future.

We’ve had a lot of experience doing this.

Who was it who said: “the best way to predict the future, is to create it.” It doesn’t really matter. It’s the truth. The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

So that’s a choice. You can live in a future somebody else created. Maybe that’s a future you can thrive in, maybe it isn’t.

Or you can get busy creating a future that you can dominate. A future that you can own.

What’s the next step. Just call us. Or click here, and we’ll send you a workshop tool that you can use to immediately broaden your thinking and position your business for industry dominance.

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