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How to double your business in a week

Raymond sells fruit on the side of the road.

We wondered if our approach (that works so well with multi-million rand businesses) would also work if we scaled it riiiiight down.

So we asked Raymond about his business, and we learned a few things.

His daily target is R250 (gross); that’s because he spends R100 on transport every day and he needs to clear R150 a day in profit.

His biggest problem? There were two:

  1. People in cars don’t usually have cash on them. They have debit and credit cards.
  2. People on Fridays don’t buy fruit. They’re in weekend party mode instead.

Working with Raymond, we realised that his potential customers also had problems:

  1. They have no way of knowing what Raymond is selling until they get close enough to see inside the boxes of fruit
  2. They have no idea how much the fruit costs — so they don’t know how much money to scrabble around for — if they decide to buy at all
  3. They have no reason to buy from Raymond
  4. They don’t carry cash
  5. They may be worried about crime — do you really want to open your window to a stranger selling fruit?

We are solving all these problems, one at a time.

And in his first week, Raymond cleared R800 — a 25% increase on his target of R600 for the week.

Stay tuned for more information!


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