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Six things you should do, before you do “Strategy.”

It’s a tool that’s 50 years old — but still, PESTEL remains the gold standard of environmental scanning.
The dimensions are:
– Politics
– Economics
– Society
– Technology
– Environment
– Legislation
I reckon in 5-8 years, cars will be 50% electric vehicles. So in 10 years…
* No bumper bashing (or any accidents really)
* No insurance claims. (what will happen to short-term insurance?)
* No need for tow trucks.
* No need for a mechanic at all — the cars will be electric!
So what does that mean for society? What does that mean for YOUR business? This is a future that’s only 5-10 years away. And if somebody like I can see it, you can bet your bottom dollar other people can see it too.
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