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Start a fire, then move! (Or, how John Pierpont (JP) Morgan made his fortune)

People ask us about our logo.We’d prefer to talk about your business.
Firstly: The most important thing about strategy… is to have one in the first place.

So our logo is a visual pun on the “on/off” switch — a stylised Zero and One, representing On and Off. That’s your first choice — are you switched on or off?

Next: Alcoholics Anonymous says: “You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone.” (We take wisdom where we can find it.) So: who is in your team, and are they on your side? Do they know what the strategy is? Can they motivate and lead their teams to execute the strategy. Which brings us to the second part of our logo: the chinese character “ren”  meaning “person.” Businesses are not about the plant and equipment or the assets — it’s about the people and the relationships they have with each other and your customers.

So you’ve got your strategy. Check. And you’ve got people around you who are executing that strategy. Check.

And your competitors are doing the exact same thing. How does this make you feel? Are you:

  1. Bored? Are you thinking: “Well, that’s the industry we’re in. I have to just execute better.” Or are you:
  2. Worried? “Apple’s iPhone killed Nokia in three years. Am I next?”

And if you’re worried — even a little bit — what are you doing about it?

We think a more productive response is passion. Anger, if you like. Some sense of urgency, fire in your belly.

We like John Pierpont (JP) Morgan’s quote: “Decide that that you are not going to stay where you are. Then move!” He liked the idea of moving, did Morgan.

That’s the Chinese character ““. It literally means “fire.” Its metaphorical meaning is “anger.” We have a similar expression in English: “incandescent with rage.”

John Pierpont (JP) Morgan.

Don’t stay complacent. Get angry. Use that passion to fuel your next move. That’s the Innovation part of Stratervation.

We were approached the other day by a realtor: can we help them attract more customers in their very crowded market.

We said: “What makes you think  your profession will still exist in 5 years time?” What happened first to the airline industries and then to music (not to mention the taxi industry which was killed in 18 months by a smartphone app) is coming for the real estate industry.

If you, like JP Morgan think that moving is better than staying stuck, we’ll bring some firelighters to our first meeting…




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